You have the Power—Generators installed by JRB Electric

After a long day at work, you pull into your driveway only to find your garage door won’t open.  Now if you are like me, when was the last time that you had to use your key to open the front door?  Do you even still carry your house key with you?  I have come to rely on my garage door to get in and out of my house.  If the power is out, the garage door is just the start of my worries.  How long has the refrigerator been off–is my food safe?  Is the house temperature freezing by now?  Are my pipes going to be OK?    With a back up generator giving you the power, you would not be left with all these what ifs and worries.

A back up generator gives you peace of mind and the power you need to keep you and your house functioning even in the worst of weather.  Providing you with a reliable source of energy, your generator will keep you safe and sound with the lights on and your refrigerators and freezers running to maintain a safe temperature for your food.  Did you know food is the first thing to go in a power outage?  You will be kept comfortable in your home whether running the air conditioner during the summer heat or your furnace in winter’s freezing temperatures.  And with the house heated, you will avoid frozen pipe damages as well.  In addition, your generator provides the high quality power source and protection from power surges that your valuable computers and electronics need.

Not to mention the power you need to keep the water running inside–or outside–your house.  From your kitchen to bathroom faucets and flushing toilets, you need electricity to keep water running.  And, if it is water running into your basement, you will need power in your sump pump to keep it running out the other way.  Don’t forget about your water heater to keep showers warm and power to keep washing machines running.

Once you start thinking about all you need and use power for, it can become a little overwhelming.  But no worries, your back up generator automatically kicks in once it senses a reduction in power and within 10 seconds your power is back on and you and your household are back in business.  Your generator runs quietly, installed outside your house like an AC unit. They run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling, no extension cords.  We recommend you simply check the oil after every 8-24 hours of operation, depending on the size and model of your generator.

A back up generator is a simple solution that gives you so much power.  You have the power to keep your power on.  Call JRB Electric today (262) 677-4961.  We will walk you through the process and find and install the generator best suited for all your power needs.