Residential Electrical Services

No bulb too big. No filament too small.

Do you need a residential electrician who can tastefully update your home’s lighting? JRB provides a full range of interior and exterior lighting design services for residential homes. Whether you only need to add a light fixture or require significant changes to the interior and exterior of your home, give us a ring.

JRB offers:

  • Upgrade Services/Circuit Breakers
  • New Construction
  • Repairs/Remodeling
  • Appliance Plugs
  • Correct Code Violations
  • Landscape & Deck Lighting
  • Underground Trenching
  • Swimming Pools
  • Safety and Security
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Upgrades and Improvements

Milwaukee Electrician  Residential Lighting Services - Hanging Fixtures

Three of our most popular products: Lutron Lighting Controls, Pico Remotes, and Panasonic Bath Exhaust Fans

Lutron Lighting Controls

Dimmers: Make your home warm and inviting—just by controlling your lighting with dimmers. Most people dim their lights by 50%. By doing so, you can save approximately 40% on electricity and increase the life of your bulbs by up to 20 times. Dimmers are now available for LED and fluourescent bulbs.

Pico™ Remote: This remote allows users to control up to ten dimmers and switches at distances of up to 100 feet. Because it utilizes radio frequencies, users can easily add new or additional points of control without the need for new wires. And it can be used as a handheld control, car visor control, wall-mounted control, or a tabletop control.

Panasonic Bath Exhaust Fans

These exhaust fans are the quietest in the industry and are up to 792% more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR standards require.

Milwaukee Electrician Residential Lighting Services - Alcove Lighting  Milwaukee Electrician  Residential Lighting Services - Modern Lighting

Contact JRB to speak with a residential electrician in Milwaukee about your home lighting renovation today.