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In our high-tech modern world, electricity is an invaluable resource. A power outage for even a matter of minutes can cost you money and endanger your family. With increasing stress on our electrical grid, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have a quality generator solution as a backup source of power in case of emergency.

That is why JRB electric installs dependable, world-class Kohler generators. As an industry leader, Kohler builds generators that provide quiet, neighborhood-friendly performance, and they stand behind them with a 5-year, 2000 hour warranty. Kohler generators offer flexible fuel options, running on either LP (liquid propane) or natural gas systems, allowing you to choose the system that works best for your installation.

Kohler’s efficient and powerful air-cooled engine powers the generator, attaining a maximum of 32 horsepower and easily providing a reliable source of backup power for most homes. Operating responsively, but at low noise and with minimal maintenance requirements, a Kohler generator fits into your life easily.

Kohler’s transfer switch constantly monitors your electrical system, providing data to the integrated controller. When the switch detects a power outage (and after a short delay to ensure it doesn’t start after only a momentary outage) it provides ignition instructions to the generator. As the generator reaches operating speed, the transfer switch moves your home’s power source to the generator. When utility power is restored, the switch quickly identifies this, moves your home’s power supply back to utility power, and then instructs the controller to put the generator into it’s cool-down cycle and eventual shutdown.

Working in tandem with the transfer switch, Kohler’s highly intelligent controller is the brain of your generator. Its LED indicators and LCD screen provide you status, maintenance, and diagnostics information at the touch of a button. It also includes an ethernet port, allowing use of Kohler’s On Cue software to monitor and control the generator.

All of this technology, efficiency and power comes packaged in an attractive housing that doesn’t detract from the beauty and uniqueness of your home. Kohler generators are built to last inside and out, and will retain an attractive appearance and dutiful service for many years, in any climate.

While the generator you choose is a critical choice to your power backup solution, exceptional installation is essential to your enjoyment of it. JRB Electric’s 20+ years of experience ensures that you get top-quality installation of your generator, and peace of mind that your electrical supply will be available at all times.


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